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East Fraser Lands

Community Centre

Functional Program



Functional Program  2020

Vancouver, BC


City of Vancouver


In 2020, Inform Planning led the development of a functional program as prime consultant for the City of Vancouver's new East Fraser Land Community Centre. This +/-35,000ft2 community centre will be built in the new East Fraser Lands district at the Fraser River and will include a licensed daycare and afterschool programming. Project Management of the functional program included coordination of subconsultants including Mechanical/Electrical and Civic Engineering, Landscape, Interior Design, Acoustic and Architectural. Stakeholder engagement with a team of the City's subject matter experts in operations, accessibility, urban planning, childcare, facilities, food security and youth progams, provided a solid foundation from which to develop the functional program.

Services Offered

  • Facility Planning

  • Functional Programming

  • Stakeholder consultation

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