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We’re looking for people to join the team who are as excited as we are to help build

Junior Facilities Planner / Planning Assistant | Location: British Columbia, Canada



Reporting to Principal Facilities Planners and/or Senior Planning Consultants, the Junior Facilities Planner/Planning Assistant provides facility planning and space planning project input. Junior Facilities Planner/Planning Assistants are responsible for performing planning activities, contributing to projects, working with reviewers and reviewing their own work. Duties include acting as a project team member and at times engaging with clients, contributing to stakeholder and public engagement, reviewing complex data, conducting research, preparing communications materials, presentations, and reports, and representing Inform Planning. Junior Facilities Planner/Planning Assistants will also support Inform Planning leadership and other staff to complement business development, operations, and project delivery initiatives.



  • Integrity/Accountability demonstrates strong ethical compass, trustworthiness and professionalism. Conducts oneself with transparency and honesty and is responsive with communications. Behaves in a manner that supports the visions and goals of clients, their stakeholders and Inform Planning. 

  • Vision: Actively seeks to discover and create ways of doing things better using research and skills in imaginative and innovative ways. Encourages others to find solutions and contributes, regardless of responsibilities, to achieve a common goal. Listens and is receptive to different ideas and opinions while solving problems. 

  • Leadership: Focuses on outstanding results for the betterment of the people who use the facilities we build, Inform Planning’s stakeholders, and our clients. Consistently seeks opportunities for coordination and 
    collaboration, working together as a team. Displays an ability to adjust as needed to accomplish the common 
    goal and offers praise when a job is well done. 

  • Community Mindedness: takes pride in being engaged in the communities Inform Planning serves.  



  • Contributes to complex facilities plans to ensure achievement of client goals, accommodation of stakeholder 
    needs, reflection of best practices, and while working within client and project constraints (where feasible).  

  • Offers a working knowledge of typical operating practices and space planning concepts for or affiliated with a single or multiple building sectors such as healthcare, administration, community, industrial, higher education, K-12, childcare, and non-profits or multiple. 

  • Represents Inform Planning at various client meetings and serves as an Inform Planning project team 
    member. Representation may be required outside of normal working hours. 

  • Provides project administration deliverables such as meeting minutes, schedules, etc. as needed. 

  • Coordinates scheduling of internal and external engagement as needed. 

  • Coordinates work with other Inform Planning team members, including providing technical assistance, knowledge of best practices and operating concepts, communicating goals and objectives and working to resolve issues. 

  • Conducts internal and external customer service providing feedback and resolving issues. 

  • Works within the constraints of project budgets and monitors expenditures in terms of individual hours. 

  • As needed, supports work with Prime Consultants and/or subconsultants in a highly supportive and 
    constructive manner. 

  • As needed, works within project teams to coordinate workflow. 

  • As needed, provides input into business development initiatives such as: social media, responses to requests 
    for proposals, fee letters, web sites, etc.  

  • Demonstrates an interest in business networking. 

  • Maintains and strengthens client relationships through thoughtful service and exceptional deliverables.  

  • Performs other duties of a similar nature or level. 



  • Knowledge of principles, concepts, practices and techniques in strategic communications 

  • Demonstrates leadership skills. 

  • Discretion, diplomacy and inclusivity in dealing with team members, clients and stakeholders is required. 

  • Demonstrates project management, time management and multi-tasking skills. 

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills. 

  • Strong problem solving and analytical thinking/innovation. 

  • Strong research skills are required. 

  • Strong organization skills are required. 

  • Experience in customer service and teamwork. 

  • Strong Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint skills are required. 

  • Knowledge of graphic design software such as Adobe Creative Suite (i.e. Illustrator, InDesign), AutoCAD or 
    equivalent is required to coordinate deliverables prepared internally or by subconsultants. 

  • Knowledge of Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and digital engagement tools such as Google Jamboard, Miro, and Mural is required. 


  • In a full-time capacity, time commitments will be 40 hours/week as well as any additional time required to 
    fulfill client and project commitments. 

  • Compensation will be $26.50/hour.  

  • Inform Planning is based in Vancouver and Victoria, BC with all team members working remotely.  

  • This is a summer 2022 position with the opportunity to transition into full-time employment following a 3 
    month review period. 



Inform Planning Inc. is a dynamic practice committed to achieving facility planning excellence. We are a small boutique firm, with large corporate know-how.


We take a leadership role in the early stages of development of robust facilities. To date, we have planned many specialized facilities in Western Canada representing a wide range of sectors including healthcare, civic, community, education and not-for-profit buildings.


With a focus on pre-design work, including needs assessments, feasibility studies, business cases, functional programs and master plans, we continually demonstrate an ability to capture the expected with the extraordinary.


We achieve this goal through a thoughtful balance of open dialogue, active facilitation and the rigours of research and data analysis. Sparking the imagination of our clients helps us support a vision of their future facilities.


Please respond to and with a job application including a cover letter and resume before June 7th, 2022 

Junior Facilities Planner / Planning Assistant
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