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Inform Planning brings over 30 years of collective experience in facilities planning. With not only this extensive tenure as facilities planners but many years of experience working in the health industry, Inform Planning understands the complexities of planning health care environments. Our extensive experience means we understand healthcare organizations and the delivery of healthcare across Canada. This experience enables us to dive right into clinical service planning and functional programming information we need to gather from stakeholders. There is no learning curve when it comes to Inform Planning - we speak healthcare.

Healthcare Facilities

Select Projects

New St. Paul's Hospital Functional Program
Pearson Dogwood CHC Functional Program


New Edmonton Hospital Functional Program
BC Women's Hospital Gyne Functional Program



Pediatric Complex Care Transition Centre FP
Island Health High Acuity Units Functional Program


Civic & Community Facilities

Inform Planning specializes in facilities planning for community and civic projects. All our projects involve a similar approach: reviewing background information, collecting key data, gathering research, delivering engagement, and preparing service and facility needs assessment studies that translate into facility strategies. We apply this process for a variety of building typologies including libraries, community centres, public safety building, among others. Our projects tend to involve multiple levels of government and serve a broad client population. Our growing portfolio of civic and community facilities has involved work in many different districts across British Columbia and beyond.


Select Projects

Marpole Community Centre Functional Program
Emergency Management BC Functional Program                     

Tofino Dome/Recreation Centre FP         
Abbotsford Courthouse Compliance Review

Courtenay Works Yard Functional Program
Esquimalt Public Safety Functional Program


Education Facilities

Inform Planning provides facility planning, functional and master programming services for Post-Secondary facilities, the K-12 Education Sector and for Daycares & Preschools. Each of these facility types requires a particular lens for the needs of learners at different phases of their education journey, starting with the youngest learners in Preschools.

Inform Planning has experience planning for facilities in all of these areas, particularly with Post-Secondary and Daycare facilities. Our planning includes understanding best-practice and learning trends across the board, and the insight that spaces can actively facilitate learning for multiple pedagogical approaches.


Select Projects

Royal Roads University Westshore Campus Functional Program
UBC Student Wellness Centre Functional Program


First Nations Health Authority Daycare
City of Vancouver Marpole Childcare Centre 


Not-for-Profit Facilities

Inform Planning has acquired a substantial and meaningful experience base working with Not-for-Profit organizations on their facility planning needs. We understand the frameworks that Not-for-Profit organizations work within, from accessing funding sources to decision-making processes. We provide tailored stakeholder facilitation and consultation in alignment with an organization's needs and requirements, for example, presentations at Board meetings or Annual General Meetings. We are enthusiastic about working with Not-for-Profit clients and it is our hope to fulfill all predesign planning needs for these organizations.


Select Projects

Alexandra Neighbourhood House Functional Program
Gordon Neighbourhood House Functional Program


BACI Space Needs Assessment
West End Seniors Network Functional Program


Momentum Functional Program
Sasamat Outdoor Centre Functional Program


Each of our projects is a tailor-made facility planning project. Inform Planning are experts in understanding and facilitating Pre-Design processes for organizations across sectors. We take a process-based approach to facility planning, and have significant project management experience to help guide the process. We listen to our clients' requirements and blend our process to each unique facility project.

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